Sunday, May 31, 2009

Q-Feel - Dancing in Heaven

SquarElectric - Do Me Sexy

See the original posting via W.O.W. via this link.

World Beard and Moustache Champioships 2009

Photographs by Michael Dinneen for the L.A. Times. Images courtesy
of the L.A Times and photographer.

World Beard and Moustache Championships 2009. Read the original LA Times article via this link.

WBMC 2009: Toot Joslin Interview from LAT VIdeos on Vimeo.

Photograph by Rebecca Coolidge. Image courtesyof WBMC and
Anchorage Daily News

***UPDATE*** Here is an image from the Anchorage Daily News. Read the full article here.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Union Square - May 27, 2009

Image courtesy of Erika Elms

Union Square - May 27, 2009. Very Janet Jackson meets Salt and Pepa with a touch of Cross Colours Kimono action.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Melbourne Gay Pride - Pretty in Pink and Rainbow Brite

Melbourne Gay Pride 2009 photographed by Michael
Blamey. Image courtesy of photographer.

Image of "Pretty in Pink" from Melbourne's Gay Pride 2009, taken from the Melbourne Today blog. Making a stand for same sex marriage. The original posting can be viewed via this link.

Melbourne Gay Pride 2007 photographed by Michael
Blamey. Image courtesy of photographer.

Image of "Rainbow Brite" from Melbourne's Gay Pride 2007, taken from the Melbourne Today Blog archives. Taking the rainbow flag to high faggocity. The original posting link is here.

Tokyo Love Amour

Tokyo Amour photos by Rene Habemacher and
Antoine Assers. Images courtesy of A Shaded View
on Fashion and the photographers.

Images I found on A Shaded View on Fashion - archived pics from the Tokyo Amour party in Paris. You can view the original posting via this link.

Punk Bunny

Punk Bunny images courtesy of Punk Bunny

Meet Punk Bunny - Superfashion Faggotry band out of L.A.