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There's a new fashion trend brewing in the cities of Nippon. Kid's in cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagasaki are creating a new street trend. The young men are moving away from the Steam unk, Cyberpunk, Gothic Dolls, Retro Punks, Kawaii and Jap-Hop looks towards a new trend that incorporates a part of their history. The trend is to mix modern clothes with SAMURAI and other Japanese historically correct items of clothing, accessories, makeup and hairstyles to create a thoroughly modern mix that could only be found in Japan. But there is an interesting twist to this trend that takes it beyond just the visual dimension, which will be mentioned later......

Examples seen "on the street" are:

Neo SamuraiBoys are adopting the Japanese "TOP KNOT/CHONMAGE" hairstyle into their daily lives even though it involves elaborate styling time and maintenance. Conversely Neo SamuraiGirls are adoptiong the Geisha hairstyles as well make up, running through all the historical variations.

Of course all these traditional items are then mixed up in a unique way with modern designer clothes, as well as mixing them with the standard Japanese trends mentioned before (Steam unk, Cyber Punk, etc)

HERE IS THE TWIST - The kids are not only adopting this trend to create strong visual clothing through their clothing, hair and make up choices, they are also mixing up their language with traditional classical/period Japanese, thus extending the mix up into the audio dimension.

A good analogy would be if American Goths not only wore their "dark" looks, but pepper their modern English with Victorian or Shakespearean English.

Fruits Magazine is great resource to see "seen on the street" images documenting this trend. The link is as follows:

The Fruits Magazine fan site is as follows:

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