Thursday, July 31, 2008


Eel Surge Soda image courtesy of Japan Tobacco Inc.

A new canned soda called Eel Surge, made by Japan Tobacco Inc. premiered this month during Japan's summer eel eating season.

The drink supposedly builds stanima in men, which is the prime target consumer group. The yellow colored fizzy soft drink contains five vitamins, including A, B1, B2, D and E that are found in the eels.

"It's mainly for men who are exhausted by the summer's heat," said company spokesman Kazunori Hayashi.

The demand for eel, prepared as "kaba-yaki", which is broiled with sweet sauce, is so prevalent that two companies in Japan have been busted for mislabeling Chinese imported eels as being local home grown.


Images courtesy of Nong Poy

Here are some images of gorgeous Newhalf Nong Poy in Los Angeles. She is such the ingenue.

Video Clip via You Tube courtesy of Nong Poy

Here is a video clip via You Tube of Nong Poy at the airport on her way to Los Angeles. Fans of Nong Poy can check out the My Favorite Girls blog for more info, pics and videos.



Jessica Simpson photographed by Carter Smith
courtesy of

Here are the images of Jessica Simpson, including the cover, for Elle Magazine's September 2008 issue.

The images are taken by photographer/director Carter Smith and styled by fashion editor/stylist Joe Zee. They shot at a ranch in Nashville, which you can see in some of the "behind the scenes" shots.

You can read the full interview of Jessica Simpson by Bill Wither's via Elle Magazine's web link.

Jessica Simpson Elle covers photographed by Gilles Bensimon
courtesy of Elle Magazine

What do you think of the Elle September 2008 cover compared to Jessica's previous Elle covers shot by photographer Gilles Bensimon?


Artwork image courtesy of Gallery of the Absurd
& Artist "14"

U.S. Artist "14" has created a portrait of Angelina Jolie as an iconic saint, with portraits of her children around Jolie as a Madonna figure. More interestingly, a picture of Jennifer Anniston is prominently crossed out, obviously in favor of "TEAM JOLIE".

As per the bio on the artist's website "Gallery of the Absurd", Fourteen "has been an artist and a keen observer of the human species for centuries. Her irreverent underground art in the form of hand numbered and signed posters has been seen and collected throughout the West Coast for years and yet she has remained gleefully outside the radar of commercial success. She lives in San Francisco, CA.

Lately, she's been both fascinated and horrified by the alarming rise in celebrity culture. She noticed that every time she flipped through a celebrity tabloid at the supermarket, she would erupt into tears of laughter and everyone standing in line to pay for their groceries would glare at her.

She always wanted to be a comic book artist, and here, in the pages of a glossy tabloid full of stalking paparazzi photos, catty commentary and the exposed bloated excess of celebrity existence, she had finally found the material to amuse and inspire her.

The art shown here is created mostly by hand using ink, acrylic, pastels and oils on paper or canvas. Digital enhancement using Photoshop and Illustrator is also used. Original art is available and for purchase. Email She promises if you purchase her originals, you'll get a good karmic return on your investment.


Black Canary Barbie image courtesy of Mattel

Meet the BLACK CANARY BARBIE, based on DC Comics' superheroine Black Canary.

As per the Barbie Collector's website - "DC Comics super heroine Black Canary is known for her martial-arts skills and her "Canary Cry" — a high powered, sonic scream with the ability to shatter objects and incapacitate villains. Barbie doll captures this super heroine's essence, wearing her signature black "leather" bodysuit and jacket, patterned tights, and black boots with "golden" details. Long honey blond hair with bangs and black gloves with "golden" details complete the look."

Mattel's controversial new Barbie is causing negative waves from the Christian Right. A spokesperson for the group Christian Voice states “Barbie has always been on the tarty side and this is taking it too far. A children’s doll in sexually suggestive clothing is irresponsible – it’s filth.”


Janis and Mitch Winehouse with Amy Winehouse
Waxwork image courtesy of Getty Images

Janis and Mitch Winehouse, the parents of Amy Winehouse, unveiled a wax figure of their troubled daughter on June 23rd 2008 at Madame Tussaud's in London.

A spokesperson for Madame Tussaud's states:

"She's a unique talent, an international icon and our guests have been very vocal about wanting us to include her here. She has had more requests than almost any other character. It's been phenomenal."

"They used real, ethically sourced human hair, threaded strand by strand into her wax head with a special instrument like a needle. They still needed to add a hairpiece and support."

Because the singer refused to appear for any sittings, it took the 20 sculptors and artists four and a half months to complete the work. Oil paints were used to create her skin tones and tattoos and her wig needed 50 per cent more hair than the usual waxworks.

Ms. Winehouse has publicly derided the waxwork, stating "'I thought you had to be dead almost before they made a waxwork of you" as well as calling the idea "crap".

Video Clip of Janis and Mitch Winehouse at the Madame Tussaud's courtesy of ITN

Here is a video clip of the unveiling via You Tube.


Axe image courtesy of

Jack Nicholson image from The Shining courtesy of
and Warner Bros

The axe used by Jack Torrance, played by Jack Nicholson, in the movie "The Shining" is one of several key movie props to go on auction August 1st 2008. The prop was used by Nicholson in the climatic scene where he tries to break down the bathroom door in order to kill his wife.

Video Clip courtesy of Warner Bros.

The axe is a stunt axe made with a fiberglass head and is from Peter Hancock, propmaster from the film. It is estimated at $5000-$7000 USD.

You can view the complete auction catalog on the Live Auctioneer webite.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Vanessa Hudgens image courtesy of Teen Vogue

Here is the cover of Vanessa Hudgens for Teen Vogue September 2008. The issue goes sale at the newsstands Tuesday August 5th 2008. Thanks to Just Jared for the lead.

Included are some quotes from her interview:

Regarding the High School Musical franchise
: “It’s sad. This is our last time doing a movie together, and we love each other so much. We really grew up together. We can be free when we’re around one another, and the amount of fun we have is ridiculous.”

Regarding being proud of her HSM character: “I love that Gabriella is Hispanic. It’s nice to be able to stand up for people who don’t have someone to look up to very often.”

Regarding the caution before choosing her next project: “I don’t want to do something that messes me up mentally. I think people just don’t realize that sometimes actors can really take it in and become that person.”

Regarding her fashion style reflecting her California upbringing: “I like putting things together that you would not expect. It’s always me.”

Regarding her love life with Zac Efron: “I keep my relationship quiet. I think that works.


Image courtesy of BBC World News

A Thai school named Kampang is now offering a TRANSGENDER TOILET for it's number of Trans-Identified students, estimated between 10%-20%. The "in-between" toilet is "signposted with a half-man, half-woman figure in blue and red".

According to headmaster Sitisak Sumontha, the school built the toilets because "They used to be teased every time they used the boys' toilets," he said, "so they started using the girls' toilets instead. But that made the girls feel uncomfortable. It made these boys unhappy, and started to affect their work."

Image courtesy of BBC World News

The toilets are a success and are happily used by the school's transgendered students. Students due have the option of going through complete sexual reassingment surgery when they become adults, and do have limited acceptance by Thai society, especially in occupations such as entertainment, beauty and hospitality fields.

An example of a famously successful Newhalf is the actress Nong Poy. However they do still encounter discrimination in regular occupations such as finance, law, etc., and they still cannot apply for legal change in sexual status even after their surgery.

A complete article by BBC Worldnews can be found via this link and a video report can be seen via this link.

Fans of Ladyboys/Newhalfs/Trans should check out My Favorite Girls blog!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


E.M.A. image courtesy of Sega

Sega's E.M.A. (Eternal.Maiden.Actualization) is a sexy fembot who can dance, hand out business cards, sing and even give kisses. She stands at 38cm and is equipped with infared sensors to avoid obstacles. The fembot has fully movable elbows, knees and shoulders. Kisses are bestowed when humans come close enough to set her sensors into "love" mode. E.M.A. made her debut at the Tokyo Toy Show 2008 and is available starting September 26th 2008, she will be priced at around $175 USD.

Some say that E.M.A. is nothing but a glorified version of WowWee's Femisapien, which debuted earlier this year and was available starting September 2008, but at a lower price point of 99$ USD.

Femisapien image courtesy of


Carla Bruni-Sarkozy photographed by Annie Leibovitz courtesy of
Vanity Fair

Here are the Annie Leibovitz pictures of France's first lady, ex-model and singer Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, featuring the cover and inside pages for the September 2008 issue of Vanity Fair. You can view the interview by Maureen Orth via Vanity Fair's website . Bruni-Sarkozy also made the 2008 Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List.

How do these images by Leibovitz compare to Carla Bruni's previous covers for Italian Vanity Fair, taken before her marriage to Nicolas Sarkozy?

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy courtesy Italian Vanity Fair

Also available is an older Vanity Fair interview of Carla Bruni by Bob Colacello, written in 1992, which can be read via this link. The article is accompanied by a snapshot of Bruni-Sarkozy taken by the late legendary photographer Helmut Newton.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy photographed by Helmu Newton courtesy
of Vanity Fair

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's latest album was just released in France with all profits going to charity. The above video clip is available from Reuters.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Eva Mendes photographed by Steven Meisel courtesy of Calvin Klein

Here are the images of Eva Mendes of Calvin Klein's "Seductive" Underwear line as well as an image from her Calvin Klein "Secret" Obsession campaigns. "Seductive" is meant to appeal and fit with a curvier body type.

Eva Mendes photographed by Steven Meisel courtesy
of Calvin Klein

The t.v. commercial for Obsession was deemed to racy for broadcast in the U.S.,. Both campaigns were shot by famed photographer Steven Meisel. You can view my biography posting on Steven Meisel via this link.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Picture courtesy of Royal/T

Royal/T Art Space is the Zion for Anime-Maniacs in L.A.!! This unique space is a multi faceted entity incorporating a fusion of an art gallery, boutique and restaurant/theatre cafe.

The genesis of Royal/T started when owner Susan Hancock, successful entrepeneur and "ModernJapanArt" collector approached Takaya Goto and Lesley Chi of Goto Design NY to conceive a space to showcase her extensive "Mod.Jap.Art" collection, with the help of architect Kulapat Yantrasast from wHY Architecture.

The duo came up with an concept inspired by the "Meido Kissa/Maid Cafe" phenom originating in Tokyo's Akihabara district. Since Akihabara is a manifistation of the 21st Century Digitalopolis (a la Blade Runner/Neuromancer), Royal/T not only has an art space to feature pieces from the Hancock collection, but carries the ANIME/CYBERPUNK/COSPLAY lifestyle into the connected boutique and cafe.

Cutting edge Japan-Artists such as Chiho Aoshima, Chinatsu Ban, Yayoi Deki, Mitsuhiro Ikeda, Izumi Kato, Hideaki Kawashima, Mahomi Kunikata, Yayoi Kusama, Mr., Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Mitsuhiro Okamoto, Aya Takano, Yuken Teruya, and Keisuke Yamamoto are represented in the collection. In addition, Western artists collected by Hancock include Ghada Amer, Stephan Balkenhol, Louise Bourgeois, Cecily Brown, Tracy Emin, Tom Freidman, Mark Grotjahn, Jim Hodges, Mike Kelley, Chris Ofili, Elizabeth Peyton, Richard Prince, Wilhelm Sasnal, Fred Tomaselli, Piotr Uklanski, Lisa Yuskavage.

The boutique carries various items directly connected to the artists featured in the gallery space, as well as items inspired and/or thematic of the movement. All items are noteworthy of "GOT TO HAVE IT!!!" status.

Ayumi Mamiya/Magikano Figurine by Max Factory

Image courtesy of Royal/T

Oni Musume/She-Devil IV Figurine by Kaiyodo & Bome Studio

Image courtesy of Royal/T

The cafe/restaurant continues the concept by featuring waitresses dressed in typical FRENCH MAID COSPLAY uniforms. The menu is based on a fusion of Japanese and CaliFrancais cuisine with traditional comfort foods such as "comfort" food and beverage classics like Curry Rice and Matcha Milk Tea as well as modern creations like Yuzu Shrimp Salad and Kyoto Sunset Tea. All dishes are served all day.

Royal/T is a runaway success since it's opening in late 2007, with loads of clients/customers/fans crowding daily to experience the complete lifestyle immersion.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Coco picture courtesy of My Favorite
Girls blog

This is Coco, a 19 year old Ladyboy/Newhalf/Model/Actress from Japan. She is still a pre-op transexual at this time, having had breast augmentation and an orchiectomy.

Image courtesy of Dailymotion

You can view a video clip of her interview at Vogue Nippon's offices by clicking this link.

Image courtesy of Jump!

This link will lead you to a video clip of Coco's appearance on the Japanese variety show "Jump!".

Coco Images courtesy of My Favorite Girls blog

Additional info, pics and video clips can be found via the "My Favorite Girls" blog. Coco and Nong Poy are the two top LADYBOY STARS of Asia....if not the world........



Martin Margiela runway image
courtesy of

Yay or Nay?! Our new thread features postings about subjects so cutting edge that they generally fall into either the "YAY/LOVES IT" or "NAY/HATES IT" cagetories.

Our first posting subject is the new Martin Margiela blow up balloon vest. Would you wear it? Does it come with replacement balloons should one have one's bubble busted by a stray ciggarette cherry?


Bobby Trendy picture courtesy of OMG!

Bobby Trendy Part II - Where does he find his outfits? Or rather who is responsible for them??? This is so SMURFING wrong!!!