Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seen on the Street - Animine

Images by Trickymaus

These three images were shot over the past few months as I was reacquainting myself with the City of Angels.

They were all taken at different times and in vastly different sections of L.A., which just goes to show you how this city is so diverse and spread out.

I decided to group them together for this posting because I felt they belonged together.

OK Kids - Pop Quiz time -What's the recurring theme that ties all these images together???

K-Town June 2011

Image by Trickymaus

I live in K-Town (Koreatown) here in L.A. - It was the best neighborhood that was within my rental budget when I relocated back from the East Coast.

This quote about K-Town on Wiki pretty much says it all - "The neighborhood is in the midst of a construction boom that has helped fuel an influx of new residents priced out from nearby Los Feliz andWest Hollywood.[2]"

Priced out is the point I want to make, just like D.T. L.A., Weho and Silverlake have become overly gentrified and thus too expensive for me to feel good about moving into.

I was referred to my apartment by my fab "PLAY COUSIN" and fellow Gaysian John Blaine. Once I checked out the unit, building and neighborhood, I was hooked. It's a mix of Korean, Latin, Old School, Immigrants, Creative Types, Dog Friendly, Gay happy I moved here.

The best part about it is that hidden in one of the many Korean mini-malls/indoor swapmeets that dot the whole area is a Korean supermarket that's like a little taste of what I can imagine Seoul is like.

Best part of all is discovering Korean products that are completely new and alien to me, but not in a bad/scary way. I'd say it's more inspiring each time I go to my market, just to explore and discover the new, weird, wacky and funky.

Perfect example is the snapshot of the hair color box I found in the Women's Beauty Aisle - Super Cute and yet very ANIME/CARTOONISH/HARAJUKU....


Seen on the Street - Graffiti Effexx

Images by Trickymaus.

Because I have "A.D.H.D.", meaning I'm always bugging out and have the attention span of a gnat, I love to look at everything when I'm out on the street. Doesn't matter if I'm walking or riding in a car, I love to visually devour everything around me. Here are a few pieces of Graffiti art I noticed within a 2 block radius of my work in Hollywood, near Selma and Cahuenga. Pretty cool - if anyone knows the artists to credit for these pieces, please leave a comment or contact me.

Supermarket Wonder??!!

Images by Trickymaus and Mayo B.

Have you ever been to a store and the most random Sh!t just catches your eye? Here's a collection of items seen at various retail establishments - some are funny, some are strange, some are gross, all are definitely RANDOM.

Special thanks to my girl Mayo B. and her eagle eye down the aisles. I wonder how any of these items TASTE??? Any one want to "Guinea Pig" up?

Weho Pride 2011 - Can We Take Your Picture??

Images by Trickymaus

Weho Pride 2011 - Here are some portrait shots of people that caught our eye.

I approached each subject with the same GWC stereotypical line - "Excuse me, can we take your picture?"

All were kind enough to oblige our request, and my boy Billy was nice enough to be the co-subject as I snapped the pics.

Weho Pride 2011 - Chaotic

Images by Trickymaus

West Hollywood Gay Pride 2011 - Smaller than previous years, this last Pride festival was interesting. The majority of the people were Latinos and young - in their late teens or 20's. Maybe it's just a manifestation in the LGBTG demographic of what's happening with the nation's overall demographic - Latino's will dominate very soon - BRONZING of America.

I did manage to capture, or at least try, interesting people as they walked by. Using my BBerry camera was a bit dodgy, but I quite like the blurry motion images . The bleeding of the image lines, colors, light and dark is a perfect representation of the chaotic atmosphere of pride....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Gateway to HELL

Spotlight Bar - The Gateway to Hell

Classic Flaming Hot Rod - Knott's Berry Farm - Spring 2011

Classic Flaming Hot Rod- Chevy - Display Model seen at Knott's Berry Farm Spring 2011.

Tribal Tattoo Car - Selma Avenue Hollywood Summer 2011

Tribal Tattoo Car - Modern - Don't know the make or model seen on Selma Ave - Hollywood Summer 2011. I love tattoos, but not a big fan of tribal tattoos. Would love to get comments and feedback. I'm thinking this is kind of "TACKY"

Black Modern Bentley - Sobe Fall 2010

Black Modern Bentley seen on Sobe Fall 2010

Black Maserati 2010 at the Mall

Black Maserati at the Mall - Miami Winter 2010

Classic Blue & White Mustang - Hollywood Spring 2011

Classic Blue & White Mustang see on Selma Avenue - Hollywood Spring 2011

Classic Black Bentley - Hollywood Spring 2011

Classic Black Bentley seen on Selma Avenue - Hollywood Spring 2011

"GUCCI" Customized 300 Hemi C

"GUCCI" Customized 300 Hemi C (Chrysler) - Seen on SOBE Winter 2010. I have to admit, I think this custom job is very WTF!!! Would love to hear your thoughts / comments ....

Customized Classic Karmann Ghia - Blue & White

"Polo Sport" Blue and White (Customized?!) Karmann Ghia -
Seen in K-Town Los Angeles - Spring 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yellow Ferrari - trying to capture it during a red light - Sobe Fall 2010