Sunday, November 22, 2009


Image courtesy of Allure Magazine

R.I.P. Daul Kim...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Jed Root Now Represents You Tube's #1 Make Up Guru

Michelle Phan. Image courtesy of Jed Root and
Michelle Phan.

Jed Root has made a groundbreaking move by signing on new media make up sensation Michelle Phan (Yellow Power/Viet Power!!!) -

Here's a capsule of the original posting -

As part of our never-ending quest to push the limits of this business & explore new horizons, we are very pleased to welcome Michelle Phan!

The term “Internet Sensation” may be overused nowadays, but makeup artist Michelle Phan would certainly qualify to be called as such.

A few simple makeup tutorials filmed from the comfort of her home has lead to Michelle becoming one of the first and most successful online celebrities in the world of beauty.

Her videos have been viewed over 50 million times worldwide and she is the most highly subscribed “Make Up Guru” (over 300,000 subscribers!) on Youtube. Her creative looks and methods have been inspirational and easy to learn – over 8 million people have viewed on her video on how to recreate Lady Gaga’s look alone.

In 2009 Michelle even launched her own line of skincare products to great reviews – IQQU Beauty.

We are so happy to welcome Michelle to the agency and to blur the lines even further between all types of media.

Michelle’s portfolio here.

Michelle’s YouTube channel.

Read the original post through the Jed Root Blog via this link. There's additional video and commentary to be found.

I wanted to also post three comments, in sequential order, the last being my comment related to the same thread....

****Posted by Jane October 23, 2009 at 5:35 pm

Will you be managing her differently than you do your current makeup artist? She has a very different portfolio and none of it is makeup on someone else, which is what professional makeup artistry usually is.

I'm not quite sure I understand how her talents relate to what Jed Root does.

****Posted by Jed Root Oct. 25th 2009 4:17 pm

Dear Jane,

Thanks for your questions.

Representing Michelle Phan offers us both a number of unique challenges as well as a number of unique opportunities. As her portfolio currently stands, she obviously does not easily fit into the usual category of “Make Up Artist” in the way that agencies such as mine have traditionally defined “Make Up Artist” (namely make up artists working primarily for print publications and other still photography projects). But as you may be aware there has recently been a dramatic contraction of the traditional print market and we have seen a number of advertisers shift to new media.

Michelle in fact does have some experience working in still photography and has worked on a number of fashion shows during New York Fashion Week. Our plans are to further build her portfolio in the traditional sense, while capitalizing on her unique talents as an instructor and personality/spokesperson.


Jed Root


***Posted by Trickymaus November 16th 2009

Hi Jed,

I think that your signing of Michelle Phan is very forward thinking, and not to use a cliche, but definitely thinking outside of the box. For you to be one of, if not the only, traditional artist rep. to hire not traditional / new media artists to emerge in this age of technology is quire brilliant. I suppose it's easy to transfer Michelle's obvious skill with make up into print / traditional tear sheet bookings through introductions to your photographers and the magazine editorial contacts that you already have. In addition, since so many of the old media / magazines are needing to expand their web presence and create unique content beyond behind the scenes video clips of their shoots, her on camera you tube experience is definitely an asset. I'm sure once you've helped create a strong traditional tear sheet portfolio, with more behind the scenes and runway makeup key-ing, it's a matter of time that you combine her huge web fan base with her new Fashion industry credibility. Once that's done, she's bound to become a consultant to a major make up/beauty brand, expand on her own make up line; the possibilities will come crashing in. Exciting and groundbreaking. Congrats!



Nong Poy - Gnet Phone Commercial

Check out Nong Poy in the new GNET mobile commercial. See the original posting through My Favorite Girls via this link.

Video clip courtesy of GNET

I'm BACK!!!!

Hello Everyone,

I'm back, sorry, it's been a bit crazy this past year. But I'm back, now as THE 37 year old intern, for @rt P@rtner. I've been upTOWN and downTOWN, now some where in couch-surfing limbo. Loving life, even though it's a top ramen kind of life...Will start posting regularly, so stay tuned...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My First Day at. W.S.

Today was my first day at W.S., starting as the 37 year old intern. I'm still trying to digest everything, don't know how I feel really feel about it. Honestly, it's great to be busy and back doing something instead of watching t.v. and eating all day, but really it's not challenging in anyway. I'm interning in the art department, so it's filing, updating portfolios, organizing pictures, and, get this, helping them empty their trash out at the end of the day.

I was introduced to any of the agents except for one, which was a bit weird. Everywhere I've worked, interns were always introduced to the agents. The art department guys were nice. The other intern was a sweet girl from Germany. Sweet but clueless. She pronounces Michel Comte as Michel COMTAY. I didn't have the heart to correct her.

I had a great lunch with her, she shared with me her dream to become a music photographer, to go on tour with a band one day. I'll share more about that soon when I'm not so tired.

She has been interning there for 3 months already, and she hasn't been given any responsibilities other than filing, updating, messenger calls, etc. She was told today that she would be doing some "retouching" next week, as bonus responsibilities.....Hmmmm.

Funny things that went down today -

An agent was made a remark about a 40 year old intern of his - I thought it was funny. Wondered what he would think and say about me, the 37 year old intern.
Wondering how much experience these people in the office have, curious whether anyone had worked their way up to a position of an agent.
Are they just used to a constant stream of interns, so there's no personalization.

I'm back at W.S. tomorrow, I think they want me to work Tuesday and Wednesdays. Note to self, bring lots of tissues, clorox cleansing wipes, and hand sanitizer. Can you say super dusty, especially going through those files in the back room.
I will start my first day as an intern at M.A. on Friday, and also have interviews tomorrow with A.P. and R.B. on Thursday. I think I want to wind up at a place that will challenge me and let me use all my talents rather than just filing and updating....But it's great to be able to get the behind the scenes fly on the wall perspective.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jean Carlos - Stripped by Dean and Dan

Jean Carlos stripped by Dean and Dan of D Squared....quick draw!!!

Jean Carlos - Shakira - 24 K Gold

Marlon Teixeira, Arthur Sales, Jean Carlos and Shakira photographed
by Michael Roberts for Vanity Fair. Images courtesy of Michael Roberts
and the

Jean Carlos behind the scenes shots from his shoot with Shakira. He was photographed by the famed photographer/fashion editor Michael Roberts. See more via the Vanity Fair site here and here, also from M.I.B. via this link. Here's a behind the scenes snapshot courtesy of Jean Carlos -

Jean Carlos and Karolina Jamarillo - Drykorn 2010

Jean Carlos and Karolina Jamarillo for Drykorn.
Images courtesy of Drykorn.

Jean Carlos and Karolina Jamarillo do their best American Gigolo for the upcoming spring 2010 Drykorn Campaign. You can see more on M.I.B.'s posting via this link.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jean Carlos - Editorial with Photographer Klynt

Jean Carlos photographed by Klynt. Images courtesy of the photographer

Here's a sneak peek of Jean Carlos' latest editorial with photographer Klynt - Diamond Life!

Larry Scott - Faconnable

Larry Scott for Faconnable. Image courtesy of

Great Scott! Modeling icon Larry Scott brings his cool elegance to the latest F/W 2009 Faconnable campaign. Photographed by Helena Christensen, it's a collaboration between one icon
to another....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anna Wang - Maybelline - Purple Rain

Anna Wang for Maybelline "Color Sensational" Fall 2009 Campaign.
Image courtesy of Maybelline New York.

Anna Wang is featured in the new Maybelline F/W 2009 Campaign. The Shanghai beauty gives us shades of the Purple One - All hail her Purple Reign

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mariya Miteva - Neu Wave - Beauty from Bulgaria

Mariya Miteva, 20 years old, newly arrived from Bulgaria. What else is there to say? Hypnotic Eyes, Basilisk Beauty...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Florence Faivre - Banana Republic Rising Star

Florence Faivre photographed by Richard Phibbs. Image courtesy
of Banana Republic and Richard Phibbs.

Florence Faivre - Our Thespian from Thailand is now one of the new faces for Banana Republic's F/W 2009 Campaign. Photographed by Richard Phibbs, she is in perfect company with other rising actresses such as Nicole Fiscella, Lauren Ambrose and Krysten Ritter. Learn more from the Fab Sugar posting via this link.

Liu Dan - Wallpaper's CHINA Issue

Liu Dan photographed by Mei Yuan Gui for Wallpaper Magazine.
Images courtesy of the photographer and Wallpaper Magazine.

Liu Dan is representing China's blue chip models in this feature for Wallpaper's June 2009 CHINA issue. Credits are as follows - Photographer: Mei Yuan Gui, Fashion Stylist: Ursula Geisselmann. You can read more from the original posting on Asian Models Blog via this link.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Britni Stanwood - LA Starlet

Britni Stanwood for Elle Denmark. Images courtesy
of Elle Denmark.

Britni Stanwood
shine with that L.A. sparkle in this month's Elle Denmark. You only get that glow in La La Land....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Katie Zeller - Serenity

Katie Zeller photographed by Yurenev & McNeil.
Images courtesy of Yurenev & McNeil.

Katie Zeller photographed by Yurenev & McNeil - Serene yet Strong, Young yet Wise, Dreamy yet Grounded..the tension, the contrasts, it's a visual representation of that moment in life, the nexxus between childhood and adulthood, where everything is mixed up, every day is up and down, black and white, calm and chaotic.....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Barbara V - Supersonic Glamour

Barbara V. photographed by Suguru Konishi.
Images courtesy of the photographer.

Barbara V. 's Supersonic Glamour is giving us Luxe Life Jet Set for Fall 2009. She was photographed with an eye in the sky by Suguru Konishi. Key Words - The Concorde, Flight, Passport, Aerodynamic.

Kelli Ilves - Not There - Urban and Vacant - Video Clip

Kelli Ilves photograhed by Carlos Odi Castilo.
Screencapture images courtesy of photographer

Kelli Ilves does her best Gossip Girl meets Holly Golightly Vacant Socialite. Love the uptown threads contrasted with the downtown trashy make up. Credits are as follows -

Video: Karl Royce Lee
Photography: Carlos Odi Castillo
Model: Kelli Ilves @ MC2
Photo Assist: SAKURA
Styling Assist: Lauren Kuzas

You can view the original posting via via this link.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Alina - I Sing The Body Kinetic

Alina photographed by Kristiina Wilson. Images
courtesy of the photographer.

Alina's electric form is captured by photographer Kristiina Wilson. The images are "PURE ENERGY".

Friday, July 24, 2009

Zoe Zoom Zoom Zoom

Zoe photographed by Bradford Gregory. Images courtesy of the

Bradford Gregory's recent shoot on Zoe brings to light this blossoming beauty. See the original post on Marie Maud's blog via this link.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zoe - Featured on M.D.C.

Zoe on Screen capture
courtesy of M.D.C.

Here is the screen capture of Zoe's M.D.C. posting. You can view the original posting on via this link.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zoe - Rooftop Confessional

Zoe photographed by Alessandro Russino.
Images courtesy of the photographer.

Alessandro Russino
photographs Zoe on a rooftop in Brooklyn. We have to confess, we can't get enough of Zoe! See more of the original post via the photographer's blog.