Tuesday, September 30, 2008


James Franco photographed by Mikael Jansson image
courtesy of Interview Magazine

James Franco has a "Double Whammy" by being featured on the current covers of Interview Magazine and Out Magazine.

Mr. Franco has had a flurry of media recently to promote his role as Harvey Milk's lover Scott Smith in the Gus Van Sandt directed Milk starring Sean Penn.

He was photographed for Interview Magazine by photographer Mikael Jansson and interviewed by the director for the recent issue.

Sample snippets courtesy of Interview Magazine and tMF.com:

GVS: So we haven’t talked about Zac yet.
JF: What is Zac?

GVS: Zac Efron.
JF: Oh. Well, yeah, we can talk about Zac.

GVS: Where did you see him?
JF: I met him for the first time backstage at the MTV Movie Awards. Lucas Grabeel, who is in Milk, is also in High School Musical [2006] with Zac Efron, and so we had been talking about High School Musical a lot. I hadn’t seen it, but my girlfriend was a big fan of the movie—I don’t know why. She was like, “You’ve got to watch it.” And I was like, “All right, I’ll watch it because Lucas is in it.” So I watched it, and I guess I could kind of see the appeal. Some of the songs are kind of catchy. There’s one where Zac is playing basketball, but it’s also like a musical number . . . I don’t know. [laughs] I remember we were all sitting around on the set of Milk and I said, “I saw High School Musical.” I said it like I had never sounded so interested in anything before. Then I think you said that you had tried to get Zac for a small role in Milk.

GVS: Yeah. The pizza guy. He never had time.
JF: Right. So then when I saw him at the MTV Movie Awards, I was like, “Hey, man. Good to meet you, Zac. I really like the movie, and I just worked with Gus, and he tried to get you in his movie.” And Zac was like, “Yeah, yeah. It just didn’t work out.” And I was like, “Well, you should really do a movie with Gus. I think it would be a good contrast to your other stuff.” He’s like, “Yeah, maybe.” And then I was walking away to go back to my seat, and he tapped me on the shoulder and said, “We should do it together, man.” And he, like, gave me a high five. He was really the nicest guy.

James Franco photographed by Doug Inglish images courtesy of
Out Magazine

For Out magazine, Franco was photographed by Doug Inglish, styled by Cher Coulter. The accompanying article featured an interview by Milk screen writer and executive producer Dustin Lance Black.

Here are various snippets found in other media outlets from his current publicity run:

From his interview with James Heath in September's GQ:

"Douglas was worried that he contributed to Sean and I having to kiss for twelve hours,"says Franco. "It wasn’t twelve hours, but it certainly felt like it. The first kiss of the movie was out on Haight Street, with, like, 200 people watching, outside. It was a crane shot—I’m sure in the end it will be a really cool shot, but it starts close and then it takes maybe a minute. That’s a long time on film with everybody watching and, like, a fake mustache getting in your mouth. It was long enough that you couldn’t help thinking, ‘Oh, my God, I’m kissing Spicoli."

From the New York Times/T Magazine "Screen Test" video clip:

Video clip courtesy of The New York Times

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday - Maison Margiela turns 20!!!!

Martin Margiela/Maison Margiela "Record
Dress" for F/W 2008 image courtesy of Maison

Martin Margiela celebrates the 20th anniversary of his "Maison Margiela" this Monday, Sept. 29th 2008.


Christopher Kane S/S 2009 "Planet of the Apes"
top image courtesy of IHT/The New York Times

I GOT TO HAVE IT!!! This sleeveless top from Christopher Kane's S/S 2009 London Show with the "Planet of the Apes" baboon printed front is TO DIE FOR!!!

You can check out a wonderful review of the collection written by Suzy Menkes through the IHT website via this link. There's a wonderful slideshow of notable designers from London's S/S 2009 Collections which can be viewed at this link. Kane's collection was described as a cross between "Planet of the Apes" meets "The Flintstones".

Also check out my previous posting about Kane's collaboration for Shiseido by clicking here.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Here's a video clip of one of my new favorite stars - Supernova Imogen Poots, from her role as Tammy in 28 Weeks Later.

28 Weeks Later video clip courtesy of Hulu.com

Imogen Poots as Fanny for PBS production of Miss Austen Regrets
image courtesy of PBS

Ms. Poots was also Fanny in the PBS production of Miss Austen Regrets. Imogen is a mix of a more refined Rebecca Gayheart and Kate Winslet.

More recently Imogen was featured in Teen Vogue's "Young Hollywood" issue, which you can read about in my previous posting. Imogen is a mix of Rebecca Gayheart (but more refined) and Kate Winslet.


Paul Newman circa 1950's image courtesy of The Road Show Version

Mr. Paul Newman lost his battle with lung cancer today September 26 2008. He was 83 and passed on at his house in Westport, Connecticut. You can read a wonderful article "The Newman Chronicles" written by Patricia Bosworth through the Vanity Fair website via this link.


Evgeny Mokhorev images courtesy of Evgeny Mokhorev, Nailya
Alexandar Gallery and Italian Vogue

Evgeny Mokhorev is a photographed based in St. Petersburg who's current work deals with post milennium teen angst of Russian youth.

The black and white images captures the fine line between childhood and adulthood, the grey area know as the teen years. The subjects are often posed sensually in almost stark back ground settings, so there is a loneliness in their eye.

Mr. Mokhorev's work could be the bastard child of Larry Clark (circa Tulsa), Diane Arbus and with a little bit of Nan Goldin flavor.

You can read a brief review of the exhibition (in Italian) through the Italian Vanity Fair website via this link.

Details for the current exhibition -

Evgeny Mokhorev "Ambiguous Desires"
Venue: Nailya Alexander Gallery
Schedule: From 2008-09-16 To 2008-10-25
Address: 24 W 57th St., New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-315-2211 Fax: 212-315-2220

Friday, September 26, 2008

I "heart" Philippe Reynaud

Philippe Reynaud image courtesy of Skin

I "heart" Philippe Reynaud.....

D Squared S/S 2009 Milan - Return of Retro Stars Esther Canadas, Fernanda Tavares and Nadege

Esther Canadas for D Squared S/S 2009
image courtesy of D Squared and The Sun

Esther Canadas for D Squared S/S 2009 image
courtesy of D Squared and Style.com

Esther Canadas and Fernanda Tavares for D Squared S/S 2009 image
courtesy of D Squared and Zimbio.com

Nadege for D Squared S/S 2009 images courtesy
of D Squared and Zimbio.com

Nadege for D Squared S/S 2009 image courtesy
of D Squared and Style.com

Fernanda Tavares for D Squared S/S 2009
image courtesy of D Squared and Style.com

Esther Canadas, Nadege and Fernanda Tavares
for D Squared S/S 2009 image courtesy of D Squared
and Style.com

Esther Canadas, Nadege and Fernanda Tavares for D Squared S/S
2009 image courtesy of D Squared and Zimbio.com

D Squared S/S 2009 Milan show featured Retro Stars Esther Canadas, Fernanda Tavares and Nadege du Bospertus as a modern Charlie's Angels trio.

Perhaps there's a trend for Retro Stars following Marc Jacob's recent S/S 2009 New York show which had Emma Balfour, Christina Kruse and Jamie Bochert. You can read my previous posting regarding the Jacobs show here. Check out the new Women Management polaroids of Christina and Jamie here.

A great review of the show through Style.com can be viewed through this link. A slideshow of the collection also through Style.com can be accessed here.

Jocelyn Wildenstein image courtesy of

Is it just my opinion that Esther Canadas is starting to morph into Jocelyn Wildenstein?

Very Donna Mills' turn in last season's Nip/Tuck "Lulu Gridiron" episode?

Nip/Tuck Video clip courtesy of Fancast.com and Nip/Tuck

Monica Bellucci for Italian Vanity Fair 5th Anniversary Issue

Monica Bellucci photographed by Douglas Kirkland for Italian
Vanity Fair images courtesy of Italian Vanity Fair

Monica Bellucci graces the cover of Italian Vanity Fair's 5th anniversary issue. She was photographed by famed Hollywood photographer Douglas Kirkland.

He photographed Monica, and other actors, in various "Old Hollywood" stagings inspired by movies such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, La Strada and Hercules.

There are some great vintage photographs of Bridget Bardot and others interspersed throughout. You can view the slideshow via the Italian Vanity Fair website via this link.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marisa Miller Sports Illustrated 2009 Collection Calendar

Marisa Miller for Sports Illustrated 2009 Collection Calendar
images courtesy of Sports Illustrated and Egotastic.com

Here are images from Marisa Miller's Sports Illustrated 2009 Collection Calendar. It's a great way to start off the new year!

To see more of Marisa, check out my previous postings via these links -

Marisa Miller British GQ
Marisa Miller Victoria's Secret Super Models

America Ferrara for Seventeen Magazine October 2008

America Ferrara for Seventeen Magazine image
courtesy of Seventeen Magazine and Just Jared

Here is America Ferrara's cover for Seventeen Magazine October 2008 issue. You can view a "behind-the-scenes" video clip of the shoot through the Seventeen website via this link.

There was some controversy recently when the star of Ugly Betty commented on what she thinks is the negative aspects of the female characters on the CW's Gossip Girl and the effect it has on young female viewers.

A snippet of her statements to US Magazine -

"Close, genuine female relationships are not what generally gets depicted in movies and TV shows," the "Ugly Betty" star told Seventeen. "Like, if you're watching "The Hills" or "90210", all the backstabbing shapes the way we act – you go to school, and you think your job is to find a sworn enemy and be jealous of each other."

Ferrera said she's "worked with other girls before and it was pretty catty," but that wasn't the case during the filming of the movie "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."

"I was like, 'I'm just going to show up to work and be professional – not their best friend,'" she reportedly told the magazine about how she felt before they started shooting. "But a couple of weeks into shooting, Amber [Tamblyn] and I started talking. She's a hippie, and I thought we had nothing in common – and now she's one of my closest friends!"

She also had kind words to say about co-star Blake Lively, while slamming the show she stars in.

"I mean, I love Blake; she’s a wonderful friend of mine, but shows like "Gossip Girl" kind of condition us to be mean," Ferrera said."

You can read the full article through the US Magazine website via this link.