Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Welcome to our new thread series titled -"FASHION ICONS FOR THE "00'S". The topic is self explanatory. encompassing people who are inspirational, directional and unique in terms of fashion sense/style/vision.

The Robertson Man - Image Courtesy of Tara Call

My first nomination would have to be "THE ROBERTSON MAN". For close to two decades now this unique fashion dreamer has been living his dream, which is basically to dance, needing only his Xanadu uniform, his trusted Ghetto Blaster, and sunny weather, which is plentiful here in LA LA Land.

To have been dedicated to his muses for so long has made him an LIVING URBAN LEGEND.....which makes him a "FASHION ICON FOR THE "00'S". If you're ever in LA LA Land then head out to the corner of 3rd Street and Roberston Blvd. to catch this dervish in action.

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