Friday, July 18, 2008


Picture courtesy of Nong Poy

Nong Poy (nee Treechada Marnyaporn) from Thailand is creating an empire throughout Asia as an actress, business woman, model, pageant queen and all around celebutante.

Nong Poy pictures courtesy of Slim Up Magazine

Her stats are - Age: 24 Height : 171 cm Measurements 34-24-35 Weight : 48 kg

Tracheeda Marnyaporn

SHE WAS BORN A BIOLOGICAL MALE named Tracheeda Marnyaporn and had her sex change at the age of 17 years old. During a talk show interview, Poy revealed that from a young age she that she always felt that she was a girl, and had disgust for her "male organ". For the sake of her parents, she went through the motions of being a boy.

After struggling with these issues all through her childhood, she researched sexual reassingment surgery, met with counselors and doctors and decided to have her sex change at 17. She said that even though the process was extemely painful physically, the knowledge of becoming a full fledge woman carried her through.

Nong Poy picture courtesy of Miss Tiffany Pageant 2004

At the age of 19, she won the title of Miss Tiffany 2004, a trans beauty pageant in Thailand. Here is a video clip of her being interviewed during the Miss Tiffany 2007 pageant.

A few months afterwards, she won the title of Miss International Queen, a multi national trans beauty pageant. Here is the video clip of her performance and interview on the Japanese show "Best 123" as Miss International Queen.

Today, she has parlayed these achievements into a successful career as a actress, model, and business woman with her own skin care line.

Nong Poy and her fiance

She is currently engaged to an Thai actor and they are set to marry soon.

You can contact Nong Poy via her Facebook and Friendster pages. More info, pics and videos can be found on the blog "My Favorite Girls" and this Nong Poy Fansite.


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