Saturday, June 25, 2011

K-Town June 2011

Image by Trickymaus

I live in K-Town (Koreatown) here in L.A. - It was the best neighborhood that was within my rental budget when I relocated back from the East Coast.

This quote about K-Town on Wiki pretty much says it all - "The neighborhood is in the midst of a construction boom that has helped fuel an influx of new residents priced out from nearby Los Feliz andWest Hollywood.[2]"

Priced out is the point I want to make, just like D.T. L.A., Weho and Silverlake have become overly gentrified and thus too expensive for me to feel good about moving into.

I was referred to my apartment by my fab "PLAY COUSIN" and fellow Gaysian John Blaine. Once I checked out the unit, building and neighborhood, I was hooked. It's a mix of Korean, Latin, Old School, Immigrants, Creative Types, Dog Friendly, Gay happy I moved here.

The best part about it is that hidden in one of the many Korean mini-malls/indoor swapmeets that dot the whole area is a Korean supermarket that's like a little taste of what I can imagine Seoul is like.

Best part of all is discovering Korean products that are completely new and alien to me, but not in a bad/scary way. I'd say it's more inspiring each time I go to my market, just to explore and discover the new, weird, wacky and funky.

Perfect example is the snapshot of the hair color box I found in the Women's Beauty Aisle - Super Cute and yet very ANIME/CARTOONISH/HARAJUKU....


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