Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shady Saturday - Carrera Shades

I recently ordered these awesome Carrera shades on line. I believe this line is a subsidiary of the Porsche design group, directly related to the Porsche sports cars. I'm not sure if these are dead stock, but if they're not, there amazing re-issues.

These two frames (above and below) have UV Clear lenses, which offer full protection even though they are clear. I'm feeling this 1980's Pseudo Futurism vibe. I have to admit the purple frames (above) are my favorite because I can't help but think of Prince..."Purple Rain, Purple Rain...."

This pair have more traditional black out lenses, but the oversized frames are perfect for the "morning after" walk of shame. Were they any more oversized, they'd be pushing up on Mugler's vintage "bug" shades.

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