Thursday, July 31, 2008


Artwork image courtesy of Gallery of the Absurd
& Artist "14"

U.S. Artist "14" has created a portrait of Angelina Jolie as an iconic saint, with portraits of her children around Jolie as a Madonna figure. More interestingly, a picture of Jennifer Anniston is prominently crossed out, obviously in favor of "TEAM JOLIE".

As per the bio on the artist's website "Gallery of the Absurd", Fourteen "has been an artist and a keen observer of the human species for centuries. Her irreverent underground art in the form of hand numbered and signed posters has been seen and collected throughout the West Coast for years and yet she has remained gleefully outside the radar of commercial success. She lives in San Francisco, CA.

Lately, she's been both fascinated and horrified by the alarming rise in celebrity culture. She noticed that every time she flipped through a celebrity tabloid at the supermarket, she would erupt into tears of laughter and everyone standing in line to pay for their groceries would glare at her.

She always wanted to be a comic book artist, and here, in the pages of a glossy tabloid full of stalking paparazzi photos, catty commentary and the exposed bloated excess of celebrity existence, she had finally found the material to amuse and inspire her.

The art shown here is created mostly by hand using ink, acrylic, pastels and oils on paper or canvas. Digital enhancement using Photoshop and Illustrator is also used. Original art is available and for purchase. Email She promises if you purchase her originals, you'll get a good karmic return on your investment.

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