Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Image courtesy of BBC World News

A Thai school named Kampang is now offering a TRANSGENDER TOILET for it's number of Trans-Identified students, estimated between 10%-20%. The "in-between" toilet is "signposted with a half-man, half-woman figure in blue and red".

According to headmaster Sitisak Sumontha, the school built the toilets because "They used to be teased every time they used the boys' toilets," he said, "so they started using the girls' toilets instead. But that made the girls feel uncomfortable. It made these boys unhappy, and started to affect their work."

Image courtesy of BBC World News

The toilets are a success and are happily used by the school's transgendered students. Students due have the option of going through complete sexual reassingment surgery when they become adults, and do have limited acceptance by Thai society, especially in occupations such as entertainment, beauty and hospitality fields.

An example of a famously successful Newhalf is the actress Nong Poy. However they do still encounter discrimination in regular occupations such as finance, law, etc., and they still cannot apply for legal change in sexual status even after their surgery.

A complete article by BBC Worldnews can be found via this link and a video report can be seen via this link.

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