Monday, August 25, 2008


Guy Ritchie image courtesy
of The Observer

Guy Ritchie with the cast of Rocknrolla courtesy of Warner Bros

Guy Ritchie was interviewed for the latest issue of The Observer Magazine (U.K.). He promotes his new film Rocknrolla and gives very few details when the interview moves into Madonna territory.

He does give an interesting comment regarding Christopher Ciccone's accusations that Mr. Ritchie is a homophobe, which was published in Madonna's brothers new book.

Craig McLean (interviewer): According to Christopher Ciccone's recent book/exposé about his now-estranged sister, you're a homophobe who, among other things, gave the gay, sometime interior designer a lot of trouble about a closet you wanted built.

"Really? Was that a metaphorical closet? What do I make of that book? I don't make anything of the book. The poor chap wrote it out of desperation. I don't think it'd be intelligent to comment on that."

"I can't give too much equity [sic] in what the chap's gonna write in that book. But," he concludes with a grin, "you'd be hard pushed to be a homophobe and marry Madonna."

You can read the full interview by Craig Mclean via this link.

Below is the trailer for Rocknrolla -

Video clip courtesy of Warner Bros.

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