Thursday, August 28, 2008


Naomi Cambell and Vladimir Doronin image courtesy of The Bosh

According to Page 6, Naomi Campbell is looking to "settle down" in Sao Paolo Brazil. It looks like that's a big possibility now that her boyfriend, multimillionaire Russian businessman Vladamir Doronin, just bought an apartment for $18.5 million.

The apartment is located in swanky Jardin area of Sao Paolo. According to reports, Mr. Doronin gave the apartment to Naomi as a "gift". Afterwards they traveled on to Bahia where they rented a $50,000 a day beach house.

Ms. Campbell and Mr. Doronin met at the Cannes Film Festival. "Vlad" is one of the top real estate developers in Russia and is called the "Donald Trump" of Russia.

They are so smitten by each other that Vladimir threw her a party on his yacht to celebrate the outcome of Ms. Campbell's recent court appearance in England related to her British Airlines "air rage" episode. Ms. Campbell was given 350 hours of community service.

Below are some videos of Ms. Campbell with Mr. Doronin on the French Riviera and of Ms. Campbell celebrating her most recent birthday in Cannes.

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