Friday, August 22, 2008


Kate Moss photographed by Fabien Baron
images courtesy of Interview Magazine

Here is the complete set of images from Kate Moss' September 2008 issue of Interview Magazine photographed by art director/photographer Fabien Baron.

Mr. Baron is now the creative director of Interview magazine and this issue marks his premiere. He states "Quality needs to be put into magazines today, otherwise there will be no reason for magazines to exist."

In the accompanying article Kate shares her opinions on breast implants. She says that -

"They are awful. So many of my friends have had them, and they’ve gone wrong. One of my friends’ tits started growling like the giant peach, and blood started coming out the nipple. "

"Then another friend of mine had one that sort of moved up to her shoulder. One tit was normal, and the other was up by her collarbone. I know only one girl who has good ones. And most of them are so hard you can knock on them like a door."

" I’m not into them. I mean, if I got all saggy, like the sacks some women have after they have children, I’d have them done. I’m not against them, but if you have normal ones, just to have them enlarged for the sake of having big ones… I don’t really like big tits anyway."

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