Friday, August 1, 2008


Victoria Beckham images photographed by Michael Thompson
courtesy of Allure Magazine

Here are two images from Victoria Beckham's Allure Magazine shoot including the cover for the September 2008 issue, shot by photographer Michael Thompson with makeup by artist Scott Andrew.

Here are bits from her interview in the accompanying article:

About the rumors of her never eating
: “I’ve been accused of not eating for 10 years. If I hadn’t eaten that long I’d be awfully hungry.”

Davide and herself wanting a fourth child: “I’d love to have a girl - just for all the clothes I’ve got to hand down.”

How she’d describe herself: “I’m incredibly ordinary, a normal-looking girl, and I just make the best of what I have.”

More images and information can be found via the Allure Magazine web link. The issue is on the news stands beginning in August 2008.

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