Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Lauren Conrad and Lauren "Lo" Bosworth
at O.C.S.W. image courtesy of

Lauren Conrad and mother at O.C.S.W. courtesy of Gossip

Lauren Conrad presented her most recent collection at her "Homecoming" event at Orange County Style Week. O.C.F.W. is the Big Orange's attempt at a fashion week, to compete with those of other fashion capitals/markets. The event was sponsored by the Irvine Spectrum Company, a major retail real estate development company in the O.C.,.

The New York Times recently posted an article related to the proliferation of Fashion Weeks in pratically every major city around the world. Fashion Surfers can now chase an "endless fashion week" like the beach surfers chase the "Endless Summer". You can read the article, written by Eric Wilson, via this link.

I understand that this is a fledgling attempt with lots of room for growth into a proper fashion week, but I have to say that the schedule of shows for this season is VERY LACKING. Actually, the only "designer" scheduled to show was Lauren Conrad Collection. The other shows were held by mainly retailers and publications such as Nordstrom, Macy's, H&M in conjunction with Marie Claire, Seventeen Magazine. Also, how smart is it to schedule the Style week with conflict with New York's S/S 2009 fashion week and right before London's S/S 2009 fashion week? Seems very "WEAK" on the event planner's part, doesn't it?

My contacts at L.A. Models Runway, led by Crista Klayman with support from fellow agents Sara Davenport and Francis Enriquez, pretty much slammed dunked the event with model bookings. They booked the majority, if not all, for the scheduled shows and events throughout the "Style Week". I have to say that the quality of models provided is much higher than the quality of clothing and designers scheduled.

But bottom line, does Lauren Conrad and her "Holiday" collection even really matter? Does anyone care?

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