Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grady Sizemore for Men's Vogue October 2008 Issue

Grady Sizemore photographed by Julian Dufort
images courtesy of Men's Vogue

Grady Sizemore photographed by Julian Dufort
images courtesy of and Men's

Grady Sizemore is featured in the "Athletes" section of the new Men's Vogue October 2008 issue. He was photographed by Julian Dufort and profiled by Bryan Curtis.

Some snippets from the interview, courtesy of Men's Vogue -

Regarding being press shy since his start with the Cleveland Indians - "I'm not good at talking about myself," he politely explained from the Indians' locker room earlier this season. "I don't like a lot of cameras in my face," Sizemore says. Sportswriters used to go up to him seeking long conversations. Now, he reports with a faint smile, they have gotten the hint.

Regarding his personal life outside of baseball - To take him at his word, his social life is about as vivid as your average Cleveland librarian's. He plays video games, cruises around in his nearly 20-foot-long baby-blue Lincoln, and forsakes dance clubs for fine dining. Asked what kind of trouble a 26-year-old can get up to after hours in the Forest City, Sizemore says, "sleep."

You can read the full interview, courtesy of Men's Vogue, via this link.

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