Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anne Hathaway for Entertainment Weekly - "A Princess No More"

Anne Hathaway photographed by Marc Hom courtesy
of Entertainment Weekly

Anne Hathaway lands another cover, this time for Entertainment Weekly's "A Princess No More" issue. She was photographed by Marc Hom and interviewed by Missy Schwartz.

She is currently promoting her role of a drug addict in the new Jonathan Demme directed movie "Rachel Getting Married". The movie is debuted at the Toronto Film Festival and her portrayal is garnering rave reviews.

Of course the white elephant that she's currently dealing with is the scandal involving her ex boyfriend Raffaelo Follieri's guilty plea in his embezzlement charges. More details can be found in my previous posting from Hathaway's W Magazine September 2008 issue, which can be accessed via this link.

Some snippets from the article, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly -

Regarding her current habit of being press shy and avoiding the "limelight" - ''You know those girls that, like, go out?'' she says, sipping a soy latte. ''I'm just not confident enough to do that. I'm not the sort of girl that will throw on a short skirt and tease her hair up. I feel uncomfortable with attention. Truly, I am a wallflower by nature.''

Regarding the impact that her role in "Rachel Getting Married" has had on her life and outlook as an actress - "I feel like there's a clear point in my life before this movie and after this movie,'' she says. ''I'm a fairly guarded person and I can be pretty insecure when I first meet people. But Jonathan got me. He became my friend and mentor.'' When Hathaway talks about Demme, she becomes intensely earnest: ''I've had the most honest artistic experience of my life. And I will spend, minimum, 20 years searching for another one of these.''

About how the scandal has affected her personally and career wise recently - ''I was shown such enormous kindness from my friends that, as difficult as it was, I can't complain,'' Hathaway says. ''It's funny that this has become a part of my story because it's not something that I'd like to talk about all the time.'' She shifts in her seat. ''I have to be very careful because I don't want it to define me. And I don't want to subconsciously exploit it.''

The full interview by Missy Schwartz can be accessed through the Entertainment Weekly website via this link.

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