Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fantastic Fashion / Fashion for a Cause - T-Shirt label "New Fashion Rules"

David Koizumi and New Fahsion Rules co-founders
image courtesy of Japan Times

David Koizumi and New Fashion Rules co-founders image courtesy
of New Fashion Rules

T-shirt image courtesy of New Fashion Rules

New Fashion Rules is a charitable T-Shirt company created last April 2008 by male model David Koizumi. He enlisted help from other veteran Japanese male models to design limited edition T-Shirts which they would sell at various venues to benefit Japan's chapter of the charity World Vision.

The first run of T-shirts sold out within three days, and the second run sold out just as fast. Thus the idea grew into a full company. They have now added 17 more models, including some female models, to contribute designs as well. Beginning in August 2008 they will have a total of 40 t-shirt designs available through various boutiques, venues and online. Remember, all proceeds will go directly to World Vision Japan.

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