Tuesday, September 30, 2008


James Franco photographed by Mikael Jansson image
courtesy of Interview Magazine

James Franco has a "Double Whammy" by being featured on the current covers of Interview Magazine and Out Magazine.

Mr. Franco has had a flurry of media recently to promote his role as Harvey Milk's lover Scott Smith in the Gus Van Sandt directed Milk starring Sean Penn.

He was photographed for Interview Magazine by photographer Mikael Jansson and interviewed by the director for the recent issue.

Sample snippets courtesy of Interview Magazine and tMF.com:

GVS: So we haven’t talked about Zac yet.
JF: What is Zac?

GVS: Zac Efron.
JF: Oh. Well, yeah, we can talk about Zac.

GVS: Where did you see him?
JF: I met him for the first time backstage at the MTV Movie Awards. Lucas Grabeel, who is in Milk, is also in High School Musical [2006] with Zac Efron, and so we had been talking about High School Musical a lot. I hadn’t seen it, but my girlfriend was a big fan of the movie—I don’t know why. She was like, “You’ve got to watch it.” And I was like, “All right, I’ll watch it because Lucas is in it.” So I watched it, and I guess I could kind of see the appeal. Some of the songs are kind of catchy. There’s one where Zac is playing basketball, but it’s also like a musical number . . . I don’t know. [laughs] I remember we were all sitting around on the set of Milk and I said, “I saw High School Musical.” I said it like I had never sounded so interested in anything before. Then I think you said that you had tried to get Zac for a small role in Milk.

GVS: Yeah. The pizza guy. He never had time.
JF: Right. So then when I saw him at the MTV Movie Awards, I was like, “Hey, man. Good to meet you, Zac. I really like the movie, and I just worked with Gus, and he tried to get you in his movie.” And Zac was like, “Yeah, yeah. It just didn’t work out.” And I was like, “Well, you should really do a movie with Gus. I think it would be a good contrast to your other stuff.” He’s like, “Yeah, maybe.” And then I was walking away to go back to my seat, and he tapped me on the shoulder and said, “We should do it together, man.” And he, like, gave me a high five. He was really the nicest guy.

James Franco photographed by Doug Inglish images courtesy of
Out Magazine

For Out magazine, Franco was photographed by Doug Inglish, styled by Cher Coulter. The accompanying article featured an interview by Milk screen writer and executive producer Dustin Lance Black.

Here are various snippets found in other media outlets from his current publicity run:

From his interview with James Heath in September's GQ:

"Douglas was worried that he contributed to Sean and I having to kiss for twelve hours,"says Franco. "It wasn’t twelve hours, but it certainly felt like it. The first kiss of the movie was out on Haight Street, with, like, 200 people watching, outside. It was a crane shot—I’m sure in the end it will be a really cool shot, but it starts close and then it takes maybe a minute. That’s a long time on film with everybody watching and, like, a fake mustache getting in your mouth. It was long enough that you couldn’t help thinking, ‘Oh, my God, I’m kissing Spicoli."

From the New York Times/T Magazine "Screen Test" video clip:

Video clip courtesy of The New York Times


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Franco is going to be THE next big thing, mark my words.


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So cute, but ... Insomniac James Franco