Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Brooke Shields image courtesy of Shape Magazine

Brooke Shields, star of Lipstick Jungle, is on the cover of Shape Magazine's October 2008 issue. She speaks about getting in shape at the age of 43, as well as not being able to exercise due to her recent bunion surgery.

Some snippets of her interview, courtesy of Shape Magazine and Pop Crunch -

The 43-year-old mommy of two says she was nervous about donning a skimpy two-piece on the cover of Shape because she hadn’t exercised in two months following an operation on a foot bunion.

“I can’t believe I said I’d do this shoot when I haven’t been able to exercise for almost eight weeks.”

Nonetheless, Brooke managed to boast a completely flat tummy as she graced the cover of Shape’s Special Breast Cancer Month Edition.

The star of NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, who has enjoyed a modeling and acting career that has spanned more than three decades, reveals she suffered from low self-esteem and body insecurities for most of her life.

Brooke was horrified when a dance instructor forced her to watch herself perform in front of a mirror during class to boost her self-confidence.

“I was like: ‘Are you crazy? What if I don’t like what I see?’ I was so tall and never skinny. I just wanted to put my head in the sand and not think about my body.”

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