Saturday, September 6, 2008


Teen Vogue has come out with their "Young Hollywood" 2008 issue. It features some of the top up and coming stars from film, television and music. It is included in the October 2008 issue with Zac Efron as the cover boy. You can view the complete article, credits and additional images, through the Teen Vogue website, via this link.

All images and quotes are courtesy of Teen Vogue:

Luke Grimes "Me, I'm usually pretty upfront about who I am."
Jennifer Lawrence "But my goal is to be an actor-writer-director. I want to do it all."

Selena Gomez "I love Friends, so I try to bring Jennifer Aniston's mannerisms to my show."

Elle Fanning
- She plays a younger version of ... Cate Blanchett's character. "I got to wear a long, red wig," she reports excitedly, "and vintage clothes. I loved it!"

"90210" Stars:
Michael Steger-"But I'm not scared of the paparazzi," he says. "I think I'll be fine."
Tristan Wilds-"Does that make him the new Brandon Walsh? "I guess you could say that," he allows. "But without the sideburns, of course."
Ryan Eggold-"My character is not totally an adult yet, but he's not a kid. He's kind of in this middle ground."
Dustin Milligan "When I was in high school," says the 23-year-old, "I was kind of the anti-jock. I was really a skater kid."

Johnny Simmons
-Johnny realized that "there wasn't going to be a limo that just pulled up and discovered me."

Haley Bennett - "I always say that my alter ego is this punk-rock chick with tattoos ...everything that I'm not and wish I could be."

Mia Wasikowska
- "There's the kind of fame where people follow you around on the street and talk about your bum," she explains. "And then there's the kind where you're known for your work. I prefer the latter."

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