Saturday, September 6, 2008


Here is the second half of the Teen Vogue "Young Hollywood' 2008 Posting. The October 2008 issue has Zac Efron as the cover boy and inside features up and coming stars from film, television and music. This set of stars are from "across the pond" so all you Anglophiles enjoy.

You can view the complete article, credits and additional images, through the Teen Vogue website, via this link. How do you think this issue rates against the Vanity Fair "Young Hollywood/Next Wave" issue?

All images and quotes are courtesy of Teen Vogue:

Kimberley Nixon-The Welsh actress spends the little free time she has at the cinema: "I love having popcorn and just sitting in the dark. It's the best form of escape."

Olly Alexander-"That's my card: being a bit mad and crazy onscreen. I like weird characters who have some kind of story to tell."

Kaya Scodelario -"It'll be great to see what Americans will think of England afterwards—they'll probably be scared off."

Matthew Beard - "Acting is the only thing I've ever done that I really loved."

Eleanor Tomlinson- "I'm single—you have more fun!"

Harry Treadaway-"I got my start playing a daffodil in the local pantomime at age three."

Juliette Lamboley-"Liz Taylor for her talent, Marilyn Monroe for her boldness, and Audrey Hepburn for her delicacy."

Imogen Poots-"You never really know for sure until you're standing on your mark."

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