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Alice Dellal pictures courtesy of Hollywood Grind blog, London
Lite and The Sun

Alice Dellal
, celebutante model and ex girlfriend of Prince Pierre Casighari (3rd in line for the throne of Monaco), was recently caught with photographs in which she appears to be partying with a "white" substance, A.K.A. "Charlie/Flake/Snow".

The Sun is the publication which broke the story and printed the pictures. The first pic is of Alice and a friend, taken in July, with a huge line of the white substance, on a DVD cover with a green straw close by. The second pic, taken in March, has Alice looking away from the camera, intent with concentration over a white paper bindle, most commonly used to package cocaine or other powdered drugs.

Alice Dellal pictures courtesy of Hollywood Grind Blog and Roger

Hollywood Grind wrote a posting about Ms. Dellal's scandal but included 2 additional pictures. One is of Alice blowing into a condom strapped over her face with a rubber band. The other has Alice sprawled on the ground between two giant plant pots.

Alice Dellal photographed by Mario Testino for
Vogue Paris courtesy of Vogue Paris

For more history on Alice, you can refer to my previous posting via this link. There's also a brief biography on her via the Ask Men website which you can read here.

Currently Alice is in New York for the S/S 2009 Fashion Week. Who knows what will happen when she gets back to London and how she will deal with the scandal. Will she take the "high" road and keep silent, like Kate Moss, thus hopefully not only saving her career, but perhaps furthering it with the publicity and support of her peers? We all know that the fashion industry is very forgiving when it comes to drug use. As long as you show up and take care of work/business, then the industry doesn't care about what you do in your private time.

Agent Provacateur, which was set to launch Alice's new campaign and her agent (Select London) declined to comment. Mango, the previous company to use Ms. Dellal, has yet to issue a statement.

What do you think of party/personal pictures, and those of other celebrities such as Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse being printed for public consumption? Should we care what they do in their personal time? Having had experience myself of personal pictures being distributed to industry peers, I think it's a matter of privacy.

What one does in their private time shouldn't matter with the public, as long as your not hurting anyone else, or breaking major laws (i.e. murder, rape, robbery, felonies). Especially if you continue to be a credit to the industry. But that's just my PERSONAL OPINION based on PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. And there we have it.

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