Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rachel Weisz - Cover Celebrity for Vogue October 2008 Issue

Rachel Weisz photographed by Craig McDean courtesy of Vogue

Rachel Weisz, son Henry Chance and fiance Daren Aronofsky
photographed by Craig McDean courtesy of Vogue Magazine

Rachel Weisz is featured as the celebrity cover for Vogue's October 2008 issue. She was photographed by Craig McDean.

Here are some snippets from the accompanying article "The Beauty Down the Block" written by Eve Macsweeney. Quotes are courtesy of Vogue and Eve Macsweeney.

On what fascinated her about her new role in the Peter Jackson directed movie The Lovely Bones -

"As Abigail Salmon, the mother of the murdered teenager who narrates the story, Weisz took on a harrowing role, but one whose complexity beguiled her. "What I love about it is that here's this woman who has tragedy befall her, and she does not deal with it heroically at all. She just completely and utterly falls apart at the seams. She does everything horrible that is possible: She leaves her family, has an affair with the detective. But I feel like she's human, and that's what fascinates me the most about her."

On having to change her shooting schedule and priorities to accomadate her son Henry Chance and her fiance director Darren Aronofosky -

"Things get more complicated when you have a child," she says. "We can't both be working at the same time." She looks momentarily stricken at the mention of a current movie in which she was set to star, until scheduling conflicts forced her to drop out. More fortunately, perhaps, in view of the lukewarm reviews, she didn't reprise her role this summer for the third installment of the Mummy franchise, which made her widely known in America. "In fact, I never even read the script," she says, "because it was going to be, I think, five months in China, and it was just out of the question that I could do it straight after The Brothers Bloom."

You can read the full interview on the Vogue website via this link. To view the Vogue slide show of images taken of Weisz by Craig McDean, go here.

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